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Legal and Tax Services

As a specialised tax lawyer, Marius van Zyl offers the following tax and tax / legal services:

  • Guidance and assistance with vat, income tax and PAYE tax audits
  • Guidance and assistance with customs and excise audits i.e. diesel refund audits
  • Technical tax disputes from the objection stage, appeal (and alternative dispute resolution), tax board and tax court
  • Payment negotiations with SARS i.e. deferment / compromise applications
  • Tax opinions
  • Criminal defense in matters which Marius van Zyl Inc. has pursued criminal prosecution for tax offences

In addition to the above specialized services, Marius van Zyl Inc. also offers:

  • Civil litigation
  • Personal injury claims (road accident fund)
  • Business rescue (licensed business rescue practitioner)
  • Estate administration

Tax Law

Tax and tax implications are inherently part of any business and or individual taxpayer in South Africa. The handling of complex and problematic tax and tax related challenges often required an experienced tax lawyer that offers specialised assistance in relation to TAX / SARS matters including, but not limited to:

  • Tax disputes (objection / appeals / Tax Board and Tax Court)
  • Tax opinions
  • Facilitation of the arrangements for the repayment of outstanding tax accounts i.e. deferment / compromise applications
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Guidance and assistance with VAT, INCOME TAX and PAYE tax audits
  • Guidance and assistance with CUSTOMS AND EXCISE audits i.e. diesel refund audits
  • Penalty remission applications
  • Criminal defence attorney in relation to tax and tax related charges / offences.


We specialise in the following areas:

  • Estate planning
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Prepare registration, and administration of trusts
  • Advice on the impact of tax implications and estate duty on the estate and on the beneficiaries

Business Rescue

Business rescue proceedings are proceedings aimed to facilitate the rehabilitation of a company that is financially distressed by providing for – the temporary supervision of the company, and the management of its affairs, business and property, by a business rescue practitioner; a temporary moratorium (stay) on the rights of claimants against the company or in respect of property in its possession; and the development and implementation, if approved, of a business rescue plan to rescue the company by restructuring its business, property, debt, affairs, other liabilities and equity (section 128(1)(b)).

As a licenced Business Rescue Practitioner, we are equipped to assist financially distressed businesses with Business Rescue.

  • Guidance and advise to financially distressed companies and their directors
  • We assist with the process from the relevant court application or board decision to go under business rescue up to the stage of publishing a business rescue plan.
  • We handle and advise on all business rescue legal and other requirements.

Debt Collection

In this financial climate, businesses, small and large alike, cannot afford to let their debtors’ books spiral out of control. Swift handover of outstanding amounts to an Attorney, is the most effective manner in which to ensure that a maximum of overdue accounts are collected.

We specialise in commercial debt collection, emoluments attachment, legal proceedings. Debt collection made smarter, faster and more affordable.


Let our Professional Team assist you with your most important investment, your Home.

We pride ourselves on providing personalised, efficient and problem-free Conveyancing services to our Clients, whether Seller or Buyer. We deal with each transaction in the most professional, accurate and speedy way.

We know that this is a big step for you and therefore send regular updates and feedback on the progress of your transaction so that you can sleep soundly at night. Our Professional Team is also available to assist with any queries big or small, so give us a call  and we will gladly assist.


High court and lower court civil litigation i.e. summonses, court applications, divorce matters etc.  

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. We specialise in:

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